Special menus & Events

The restaurant Rose Blanche offers special menu depending the season and the special hollidays.

 New Year’s Eve 2020

North Sea shrimp croquettes 19.50€

Gratinated scallops Casserole with chicory 19.50€

Ossestaart terrine met Foie Gras 19.50€


Chicken supreme with truffesauce and chicorymash 29.50€

Irish Beef Entrecôte with pepper-cream sauce, fries and salad 29.50€

Sea Bream filet with white wine sauce and vegetables Niçoise 29.50€

Mussels with Champagne 29.50€


Panacotta with vanilla and mango coulis 9.50€

Chocolate cake with red fruits 9.50€

Brussels waffle Mikado 9.50€