Typical Belgian dishes

Our dishes are made with Belgian’s ingredients

Discover our menu. The chief will surprise you with ingredients of all over Belgium.

We would like to inform you that every dish is prepared with fresh products, which are delivered daily. Our menu can change according to the season. The prices indicated on the menu may also change according to the price on the market. Please contact us for information.

  • Typical dishes from Brussels and French cuisine

    Fresh vegetables soup of the day 6.00 €
    Onion soup with cheese 8.50 €
    Warm goat cheese & honey salad 15.00 €
    Chicory and mayonnaise salad 12.00€
    Northsea shrimp croquettes 18.00€
    Cheese croquettes 14.00 €
    Duo of croquettes (shrimp and cheese) 16.00 €
    Mussels in garlic butter 14.00 €
  • Our choice of mussels

    (+/- 1kg)

    Mussels Marinières 24.50 €
    Mussels with white wine sauce 26.50 €
    Mussels with garlic sauce 25.50 €
    Mussels with grimbergen beer saucee 26.50 €

     La Rose blanche et l’art de la moule !

    Toutes nos casseroles de moules sont servies avec des frites
  • BEER MENU: 46.00 €

    Hot got cheese wih syru of “blanche de Bruges” beer
    Accompanied with a glass of “Blanche de Bruges” beer*
    Magret of duck prepared with kriek beer, vegetables of the season
    Accompanied with a glass of Kriek beer*
    Back of salmon prepared with Grimbergen beer, vegetables of the season
    Accompanied with a glass of Grimbergen beer*
    Brussels waffle prepared with Chouffe beer
    Accompanied with a glass of Chouffe beer*

    * Menu accompanied with beers 46.00 €

    Beer Tastings

  • Our traditional Brussels cuisine

    Meatballs with tomatoes & shallots 16.50 €
    Stew beef with beer sauce, fries 21.90 €
    Chicken & cream stew, potatoes 19.50 €
    Fish & cream stew with potatoes 25.50 €
  • Home made beef tartare, fries 19.00 €
    Beefsteak (250g), béarnaise sauce, fries 29.50 €
    Hamburger in the brussels’ way, fries 21.00€
    Lamb shank with Grimbergen beer sauce 20.50€
    Caramelized ham, chicory&mayonnaise salad 25.00€
    Fish & chips 16.50€


  • Our corner of Desserts

    Belgian Chocolate mousse 7.50 €
    Crème brûlée 7.50 €
    Daily pie 7.00 €
    Café gourmand 9.50 €
    Brussels waffle with sugar 6.50€
    Brussels waffle with whipped cream 7.00 €
    Brussels waffle Mikado (vanilla ice cream&hot chocolate) 7.50 €
    Brussels waffle prepared with Kriek beer 8.00 €
    Brussels waffle prepared with Chouffe beer 8.00 €