La Rose Blanche Brussels

The restaurant La Rose Blanche in Brussels



The chief prepares his dishes with Belgium beers. You want to try a speciality? What do you think of duck with sweet cherries or Mussels with beer from Grimbergen? If your mouth is already watering we advise you to try the rabbit with the Geuze beer sauce.
In the restaurant we serve also typical French dishes as snails form Burgundy, Fish from the North Sea, Chicken with archiduc sauce, veal with mustard sauce.
In the summer you can have a seat on the terrace to taste a beer. In the summer there are also a lot of live concerts on the Grand Place of Brussels. We are waiting for you.

Special offers

The restaurant can offer you on daily basis different dishes suggestions, Ideas for a nice lunch or interesting promotions.

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Reception rooms

The restaurant presents you 3 reception rooms for your special events, like a business meeting or a big family dinner. You can contact us for more information. Reception room of the restaurant.

Second floor

On the second floor, you have a reception room that can hold up to 65 people . You can organise a drink with a buffet. With this room you will have a fantastic view of the Grand Place of Brussels.

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La mezzanine

The Mezzanine room can hold up to 45 people and with this room you will also have a beautiful view of the Grand Place of Brussels.

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Our Menu

The chief elaborates a typical Belgium menu with mussels form the North Sea for instance.

  • (+/- 1kg)

    Mussels marinière 24.50 €
    Mussels met witte wijn saus 26.50 €
    Mussels met knoflook saus 25.50 €
    Mussels met Grimbergen bier saus 26.50€

     La Rose blanche et l’art de la moule !

    Toutes nos casseroles de moules sont servies avec des frites
  • MENU A LA BIÈRE: 46.00 €

    Croustillant de chèvre, sirop de chouffe
    accompagnée d’un verre de Blanche de Bruges*
    Jarret d’agneau à la Grimbergen
    accompagné d’un verre de Grimbergen brune*
    Waterzooi de la mer
    accompagné d’un verre de Grimbergen blonde*
    Gaufre de Bruxelles à la Kriek
    accompagnée d’un verre de kriek*

    * Menu accompagné de bières 46.00 €

    Dégustation s de bières

  • Onze typish cuisine van Brussels

    Stofvlees op vlaamse wijze, frietjes 21.90€
    Waterzooi op Gentse wijze, aardappelen 19.50€
    Balletjes op Marolse wijze, frietjes 16.50€
    Waterzooi van het zee, aardappelen 25.50€
  • Vlees & visgerechten

    Huisbereide rundstartaar, frietjes 19.00€
    Rundvlees steak (250gr), béarnaisesaus, frietjes 29.50€
    Hamburger op het Brussels wijze, frietjes 21.00€
    Lamsschenkel met Grimbergenbiersaus 20.50€
    Gekarameliseerd hammetje met witloof mayonnaise salade 25.00€
    Fish & chips, frietjes 16.50€


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